Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Allendale, College Women's Trip 2007

May 21 to May 26, I along with @ 30 women visited Allendale in Shreveport, LA. There were several projects we were working on during the week: making flower beds, painting the newest house, moving Windows, Doors and More into a new warehouse and laying a sidewalk on several pieces of the property. I was on the sidewalk crew led by Jen Torma and the majority of our time was spent digging with shovels and pickaxes rocks, dirt and clay. Though we were all sore in the mornings from the previous day's activities, the work was very rewarding, especially on the last day when the cement truck came to pour the concrete. By the end of Friday nearly everyone was covered in cement but it was a blast. The sidewalk looks beautiful! It was also wonderful to spend time with sisters from different branches; there were people from South Bend, Minnesota, Portland, DC and Allendale. We had evening sessions every night, catching up on what God had been doing in our respective cities, discussing prayer/meditation and many other things. On Wednesday night the Allendale household held a BBQ for the neighborhood and there was a great turn out, one of the biggest group of guests they've ever had. Praise the Lord for all he's doing in Allendale!

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